Savage Crossroads is a personal blog by James Lee.

James is an Information Technology consultant from the Philippines and is currently based in Singapore.

This blog is his way of capturing his thoughts and interests that may or may not interest other people as well but is mostly for the purpose of him going back in time to reminisce and see where he was at this journey we call “life”.

This is now the fourth iteration of this blog. James has a tendency to perform resets maybe because he is used to doing everything from scratch in his real world job that it just makes sense to have a fresh start.

The first iteration of the blog was mostly day-to-day thoughts like a running diary that he kept during his younger years as an IT professional in the Philippines and his first couple of years in Singapore.

The second iteration of the blog was a shift to his interest in the arts namely photography and digital painting. That did not last long!

The third iteration was the version that kicked-off major changes in his life. Primarily documenting his journey through his battle with obesity and finding the one true love. Coincidentally, that one true love is the woman with James in the featured image of this page.

So here we are, the fourth iteration. What will this be about? This fourth iteration hopefully will be the last. James plans to capture his life as now a married man and hopefully soon a family man. To also capture his journeys as he still continues his battle with obesity. And lastly, to go back to his interests in photography and digital painting.

So sit back and hope you enjoy his journey through life. But to be honest, it is a super ordinary life! =)

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