Welcome Again!

It’s 2019 and I decided to refresh my site.

I had been busy in the entire 2018 mostly with my personal life. I got married to the woman I love! Finally!

But, this is just the start of the latest journey in my life and now that I finally got some free time I decided to go back to my site and revamp it.

I hope I can make updates regularly this time around.

I do not have any specific topics in mind unlike the last version of my blog where I mainly focused on losing weight and reviewing products related to weight loss.

I also wanted a simpler, more minimalistic look to the site. That is one of the main reasons I changed the look also using a new theme.

That’s it for now. Currently still in the middle of polishing the look of the site and readying my photography equipment in order to have featured images for each post. It just looks nicer, that’s all.

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