Walk You Home

This song came from the Thai movie “I Fine Thank You Love You”.  It makes me want to be beside the girl I’m hoping to be with for the rest of my life.

I will be visiting her this weekend in Dubai.  Finally after more than six months I will be able to see her again in person.

I miss her and because I miss her I’m planning to walk her home every end of our days together there in Dubai.


Dealing with Disappointments

I have been disappointed a lot in my life.  One disappointment came early last year.  The girl I was dating at the time broke my heart by telling me she does not like me because I am fat.  Yeah…brutal!

I dealt with that disappointment quite badly.  I went into almost a year long depression that led to me quitting my last job.  I was also constantly thinking about ending all of it.

In the end, I managed to get through that part of my life that was a VERY rough journey and because of that journey I managed to find my real friends especially one girl named Anna.  She’s one of those friends you can always depend on and I was lucky to have her as a friend.  Her husband is even luckier to have her as a wife.

I guess life is indeed meant to have disappointments because through them we become better.  The important thing is to learn to handle them that will not lead you to destruction like becoming a drug addict, alcoholic, or even to the point of committing suicide.

“Best” Way to Watermark Your Images

This is a good tip for photographers who are afraid that their images will get “borrowed” without their permission.

I like how it gives you control of the color you can give your watermark instead of just a translucent white shade which you normally get when you setup a preset in Lightroom.  The only thing I don’t like about it is you have to use Photoshop.  Photoshop is normally no longer part of my workflow when post processing images since Lightroom basically has all of the things I need.

I normally only go to Photoshop for those major changes (e.g., making people thinner, removing unwanted objects in pictures, etc.).

It is still something to consider though.  Now the only thing to do is to come up with a good logo. 🙂