The past few days I have been unable to sync my RunKeeper activities in my iPhone app to the site.  This really pissed me off because after I viewed the site’s support page a lot of other users have expressed the same things that I was experiencing but there was no response from the RunKeeper staff.

For today’s run I decided to not risk it anymore.  I switched to Nike+ GPS.  It’s a paid app if I remember correctly but I got it for free when they went on a promo a few months back.

I loved how the website looks and I also like the way the app itself looks when you lock the screen.  Red and black colors just seem to attract me.  In terms of performance it looked like it is at par with RunKeeper with keeping track of the route and your pace.  miCoach had a problem with losing the GPS signal.

The thing that really made me happy today was the fact that my effort got uploaded to the website!!!  It really does help to motivate you if you see in “black and white” how you performed.  That’s why I was so frustrated with RunKeeper because their site has not been functioning well for the past few days.

Today I ran 4.5km and my performance was actually not great but I am satisfied with it.  I’d rather have baby steps than nothing at all.


Road Hog

Tonight I went on my usual Monday jog and my goal was to complete the same 5km route I did last Saturday.  Sadly I wasn’t able to complete the route because of a road hog.

This guy was just starting his jog and he instantly looked at me – I was already pass the midpoint of my jog at the time.  With an “evil eye” he kept on looking at me and every time I try to pass him he would take up the middle of the sidewalk to block my progress.  He then would intentionally slow down and constantly block my way.

After around 10 minutes of this I decided I didn’t want this anymore because it was messing with my jog so I decided to change my route just to get away from him.  The result was a slightly shorter route – around 4.4km, 600m short of my planned distance.

I wonder why people would be such a**holes.  Singapore is big enough for the two of us to share a sidewalk.  I was kinda shocked to see this behavior here in Singapore.

Nonetheless that incident is not gonna stop me.  I’ll rest tomorrow especially since my right knee is acting up.  I injured this knee back in high school during my Taekwondo days.

I just have one thing to say to the road hog here in Pasir Ris…we’ll see each other again. =)

5km Route

Finally!  A break from all of the meetings at night for work.

Today I’m planning to try out a new route I’ve plotted in RunKeeper.  This new route would be a good and solid 5km jog.  The only drawback from this route are the multiple traffic lights and intersections.

My friend told me that those stops would hurt my pace.  I have a feeling she is right but let’s see.  I’ll still give it a shot.

The current problem I have is I haven’t really decided on a route that I always want to take.  The previous routes I’ve taken are either full of people walking slowly from the nearest MRT station to their homes or the route is always wet like the case in Pasir Ris Park.

I hope this route works out coz it’s going by some places that I haven’t been to in my neighborhood.


Finally my activity in my RunKeeper app got uploaded to the site.

App Change and a Little More

I’ve been thinking for the past few days of changing back to RunKeeper for keeping track of my runs.  I know in a previous post I mentioned that the Adidas miCoach has all these great features and Derrick Rose is your coach but after using it for a couple of days I’ve gotten to the notion that it is limiting me a bit.

How did miCoach limit me?  Well the training plan I chose often limited the trainings to 15 minutes or max 30 minutes.  That’s fine actually but after the training is over I know I can do more.  I mean I’m not yet tired and I know my body can still handle a few kilometers.

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“Why are you running?”

I was asked today by an Indian colleague of mine – “Why are you running?”  He saw me running at Pasir Ris Town Park last Sunday.

He said I looked like I was about to die.  Hmmm I’m sure that’s an exaggeration but not that far from the truth.

Anyway, to answer his question my reply is simple.  I am training not for a marathon.  I am training for my life!!!

These past 5 to 7 years I have let go of myself and focused on my job.  I was too busy earning money that I forgot I must be healthy to enjoy it when the time comes.

My training and getting my butt off the chair is to simply reclaim my life.  His reply to me, “I should start too.”

That made my day because I might have just saved a person’s life right there…not just mine.

The First One


My name is James and I am a normal IT professional who is currently based in Singapore.  I was born and raised in the Philippines and I migrated to Singapore in September of 2005.

This blog is not really intended for other people to read or look at but if visitors do come they would be most welcomed to share or comment on my posts.

So if this blog is not for others, what is it for?  Well, it’s for me to keep track of what I’ve been doing to reach my goals.  Over the years I thought life was just about money and this has driven me until around April of this year.

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