Anything is Possible

This is the story of Passquale Brocco…it reminds me of Kevin Garnett’s “Anything is Possible!!!” after he won the championship.


A Teacher Lost 17kg Eating McDonald’s

Yes, tracking your food intake is HARD WORK but I believe this video proves it works.  I lost 32.8 lbs (14.9 kg) in 2013 by tracking my food intake and during the parts of the year when I became lazy in tracking my intake I noticed the lack of weight loss.

I fell short of my target last year but 32.8 lbs is still an achievement.  An achievement that you feel in your daily life.  My right knee pain from my high school injury is barely noticeable nowadays since I lost all that weight.  I still have roughly 40 lbs to go to reach my target weight which is 170 lbs.  170 lbs was my fighting weight back in high school when I was with my school’s Tae Kwon Do team.  That’s the part of my life when I felt the healthiest.

One thing to note from the video though…the teacher did not just track his food intake.  Tracking his food intake is the major thing he did but it should not get lost in the video that he also started exercising as well – walking.

I really believe apps like MyFitnessPal are very useful if you want to lose weight or just be healthier.  It is a lot of work to keep track of your intake that is why I highly recommend MyFitnessPal because of its big food database which lessens the work on tracking your intake – translated: less guessing game.  But for apps like MyFitnessPal to really be effective you will need to partner it with exercise, any form of movement!

By the way, I saw the video from Yahoo Singapore tumblr account here.

Breaking the Plateau

It makes me smile to know that I’ve finally broken through the weight loss plateau I’ve experienced a few months ago.  I have broken down the invisible wall!

I am again starting to lose weight although now I have toned down my exercises and focused on doing stuff in the kitchen.  I don’t know if that change affected the plateau I was experiencing.

The reason why I toned down exercising is because I’ve been experiencing migraines lately probably due to my poor sleeping habits.  I personally want to remedy that before I go back to exercising.

My body is looking for the sweat though and I can feel that I’m not at my optimum level.  So exercise should still be the key ingredient and I’ll go back to that.


When I started this blog back in June of 2012 I was aiming to become a fitter me.  The main reason why I decided to do this was because of a gout attack I suffered in April 2013.  For those who haven’t experienced it before – good for you!  For those who have – I feel your pain!

In June 2012 I missed calculated my weight.  I thought I was 220 lbs (99.8kg).  Good thing I quickly saw my error.  I was actually at 247 lbs (112 kg).  To counteract this error I made I decided to push myself even more.  In July 2012 my right knee, which was already damaged because of my Tae Kwon Do days in high school, started to act up and made it almost impossible for me to do any exercises until November 2012.  Then at the last month of the year I decided to give my knee a try and jogged around my block.  I was happy to find out that my knee held up!!!

2013 started with me at 242 lbs (109.8 kg).  I’m happy to report that I am now at 217.2 lbs (98.5 kg).  That means I’ve lost around 24.8 lbs (11.2 kg) since January 2013.

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Out of Circulation

It’s been over a month since my last post.  I got off track there.  The result is my weight loss slowed down.  I need to get back on track but fortunately for me I didn’t totally stop.  Over the past couple of weeks I have not been able to find time to do my running but I’ve continued moving – JUST MOVING AROUND.

One such activity is combining my interest in photography with exercise so I’ve been doing some photowalking in during weekends.

Plus I haven’t really let myself loose in the kitchen either.  So those are going good for me.

I need to get this week done then next week I’ll be back on the road burning some fat.

Here are the pictures from my most recent photowalk at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to maximise my trip there so I believe that place deserves another go around.

Sexy 6 Min Home Workout

Today I tried something that I wanted to try for a few weeks now.  This an exercise that Mike Chang came up with.  Mike Chang is a personal trainer better known for his fat loss workout videos in YouTube.

Below is his video of the entire routine for those who might want to try it out.

I read some comments that this was easy but I had a hard time doing it and I was really sweating after the 6 minutes was up.  I don’t know if it is easy so if it is then I am probably just really out of shape.  Hehehe…

Upper Body

Lately I’ve been focusing on running to boost up my cardio.  It’s all good but looking at the way my body is made up which is balky and naturally big frame I thought I should not forget about my muscles (whatever’s left of them – hehehe).

For that I decided to buy and use a resistance tube.  The one I got is from Reebok and I chose their level 3 model.

The reasons why I chose a resistance tube over free weights is well they are cheaper. 🙂

Plus living in Singapore means I may not be staying in one apartment for a long time hence moving around is part of the life here so having heavy weights to bring along would be a huge burden.

Anyway, I looked up some tips on using the resistance tubes and found some in YouTube.  Like the video below from expertvillage.

After each workout on the resistance tubes I love feeling the strain on my arms and shoulders.  Makes me feel that whatever I have done is working.

So far I’m happy with the resistance tube.  It has given me enough tension and resistance to the levels which fit my current physical conditioning.  I should continue to use this more often especially during those days that I cannot run like when it is raining heavily here in Singapore or during days when I have late night telephone conferences with people in New York.