Apple Does Make You Want to Buy their Stuff

The recently concluded WWDC14 once again makes me want to buy Apple products.  This time because of their updates to both their Mac OS X and iOS operating systems.  Good thing I am currently in a budget crunched so I know I have the will to not purchase anything right now.


Only One Life

Wong Fu’s latest video which they uploaded to YouTube on 6 January 2014 asks the question “which life will you live?”.  The premise of this short is about the possibility that in different worlds there is a less successful version of yourself and a more successful version of yourself.  This was the thinking of the main character, a street performer, so he was settled at who he is – only a street performer.  A girl asked him why not be the megastar he could be trying to convince him that his face could be on billboards using some sort of feature that HTC has in the US.  The girl also talks about her dream to be a journalist some day and she was even willing to relocate to Shanghai just do reach that dream.  Watch the video since my storytelling will NEVER give it justice and only Wong Fu can give justice to their product.

This video struck a chord in my own life.  I’m now approaching my midlife years and I might be on the verge of suffering some form of midlife crisis.  The thing about this video that struck me is its message that we only know one life and that’s the one we live.  Why settle for something less?  Why not go for what you really want to do?

I personally am in that part of my life where I am thinking of doing what I really wanted to do which is to come up with my own restaurant, no matter how small or big it is, and then do my best to make it successful.  In a few days I’ll be going back home to my home country and from there I will kickoff activities to look into what could possibly be the fulfillment of my dream.  For so many years I’ve been putting off this urge to be more than just an IT guy working abroad so that I can provide for my parents’ medical needs and my own needs as well.

Of course I’m not a fool.  I know starting a restaurant is a big gamble.  A famous actor back home who was also an entrepreneur but passed away too early, his name was Rico Yan, once said that restaurants normally don’t break even in the first three years of operation.  This is why I’ve been putting off my dream.  I’m scared!  But I’m not getting any younger.  I am also not a gambling man.  So there is the conflict.  But how will I fully live my life the way I want to live it if I don’t try so I told my parents, my mom in particular, that this year will be the year we try.

Now, since I’m not a gambling man, my plan is to of course kick off the activities that might lead to my dream and at the same time keep my day job…an IT guy.  Having the capability to still work as an employee for me seems a good way to put some sort of buffer between me and the big gamble.  I guess having a backup plan should always be the norm and being the usual IT guy is my backup plan.

So there I am approaching a big fork in my life.  This big fork brought along an even bigger challenge and possibility to fail which I am admittedly scared to take on but I am willing to try.  If I don’t try it’s even worse than failing.


“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan

Climate Change…It’s Not Just About Haiyan’s Destruction

Philippines delegate to the Climate Change Summit in Poland, Naderev Saño, delivered this heartfelt speech not only about Haiyan’s impact to the Philippines but also the impact of global warming to our planet.

The ever more powerful storms in both the Pacific and the Atlantic show a trend of increased weather disturbances.  Yes, the Philippines is in the headlines all over the world right now because of the destructive path that Haiyan took over my country but I am sure none of my countrymen, those affected and not affected by this storm, wished this attention upon us, upon our homeland.

Like Mr. Saño, I pray that those who have the capability and influence do what is right which is to perform their duties as champions of Mother Nature.

France…Europe…Will I Ever Get to See You?

Every since I saw the movie “Before Sunrise” I’ve always wanted to fly over to Europe, more specifically Paris, France.  I wanted to take the train and visit several countries in Europe just to see the culture and the different sites.

Sadly, at the time I saw the movie I had no means of buying a ticket to Europe but had a best friend who can always accompany me anywhere we wanted to go.  It’s even worse now!  Now I have the means to buy a ticket to Europe and spend lots of time there but my best friend won’t be able to accompany me now because she is busy with her boyfriend.

Yes…I can always travel by myself but somehow it has never crossed my mind before.  I’ve been thinking about it now though.

I have until December of this year to find a new job here in Singapore and one of my backup plans if I’m unable to find a new job is to just pack my bags and travel around Europe (alone if I have to).  You’ll never know I might find a girl and fall in love just like in the movie and Paris will be the perfect location for that!!! Hehe…

Sexy 6 Min Home Workout

Today I tried something that I wanted to try for a few weeks now.  This an exercise that Mike Chang came up with.  Mike Chang is a personal trainer better known for his fat loss workout videos in YouTube.

Below is his video of the entire routine for those who might want to try it out.

I read some comments that this was easy but I had a hard time doing it and I was really sweating after the 6 minutes was up.  I don’t know if it is easy so if it is then I am probably just really out of shape.  Hehehe…