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Wentworth Miller’s Speech – Us and We

Wentworth Miller, best known for the TV series Prison Break, gave a speech about the reality of suicide.  People who attempt or even think of suicide are led to such a thing because of a lot of outside factors.  These factors vary from person to person.

“Let me send a message to that kid, maybe in America, maybe some place far overseas, maybe somewhere deep inside; a kid who’s being targeted at home or at school or in the streets; that someone is watching and listening and caring.” – Wentworth Miller

I have never attempted suicide but I have thought of it before.  I was lucky enough to have had a friend at the time who gave her time and friendship that led me away from my thoughts.

Please love each other.  No more harm.  No more hatred.  We are all human beings regardless of race, religion, and skin color.


Losing Hope for My Country

I am one of the millions of Filipino OFW or Overseas Filipino Worker.

So what is an OFW? We are Filipino citizens living and working outside of the Philippines. Our remittances make up a bulk of the economy of the country. In short, one of the Philippines’ top commodity is selling her own citizens – it’s a legal form of Human Trafficking.

It is with utter regret to admit that I am losing hope for my country.

As an OFW with more than 10 years of experience abroad, my ultimate goal is to go back home and stay there with my family and friends for good. The progress made by the previous administration gave me hope to the point that I decided to be an absentee voter so that I can participate in the 2016 Presidential Elections and to help keep the momentum going.

Unfortunately, my candidate lost. Mar Roxas lost to the current president – Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte used the issue on drugs as his main campaign agenda. He never once talked about the economy of the country. I guess, he is relying on OFWs to keep on just sending remittances and to stay away from our families until we die in another country.

So now we are in 2017. More than a year into Duterte’s presidency. Where is the Philippines now?

Well, the Philippines is now nowhere. Instead of moving forward everything is either on a stand still or going backward. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I am hoping it remains on the stand still but looks like the movement that the president wants is to go back to the stone age.

What has Duterte’s presidency done so far? Honestly, it made the Philippines look like a country of drug addicts and nothing more. My Indian colleagues come to me and ask me “Do all Filipinos take drugs?” Wow!!!

So congratulations to President Duterte for making me look like a drug addict in front of my non-Filipino colleagues. Good job Mr. President!!!

The goal of the previous administration was to improve the economy in order to also improve the lives of ALL Filipinos – most especially the poor. Don’t get me wrong, the previous administration was not perfect. It is controlled by a political party of your usual type of politicians – corrupt, fat, and evil – but that administration made strides in terms of improving the economy and to bring the Philippine Peso back to respectable levels.

All that progress is gone now. The peso is now back at the P50 to US$1 range. And instead of helping to provide more jobs to the citizens this same government has just taken the livelihood of thousands of Filipinos by suspending Uber. This includes my brother whose main source of income WAS his Uber business.

Instead of helping the country, this administration’s main objective is to put “friends” in government positions regardless of their lack of qualifications. Okay, this may not be a fact but this is my opinion based on what I see.

Imagine, putting lawyers to head the transportation department of the country. What do lawyers know about improving the transport situation of a country? I believe engineers should be handling this department.

Check out the list of cabinet members here. Tell me what is common in their background?

I just hope the country can last the next five years of this administration. More over, I hope President Duterte can prove me wrong. I hope my cousins from Davao can prove me wrong. I hope I am wrong!!!

Red Eye Smokehouse – Singapore

Growing up in a family back in the Philippines who do not really eat the traditional Filipino meals on a daily basis made me appreciate the finest things in life.  The best example of that is of course food.

My mom’s cooking is amazing. ¬†Her expertise are not the usual Kare-Kare or Adobo you would hear in a typical Pinoy household. ¬†Her meals are more on the steaks, ribs and everything else oh so fattening.

This is a very big trouble for someone who is battling obesity.  Having a mom that can cook great meals is a double edge sword.

Because I grew up in a house having steaks rather than chicken adobo, it is but natural for me to search for steakhouses or BBQ places here in Singapore.

I have the tried and often go back to the more commercialized Aston’s Specialties. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I like their food. ¬†It does what it is supposed to do which is to solve your craving for gorgeous beef.

One day while surfing Flipboard I managed to chance upon a flip that caught my attention.  They featured a new restaurant in Singapore.

Below is a screenshot of that post.

Red Eye Steakhouse - Photo by ieatishootipost

Red Eye Smokehouse РPhoto by ieatishootipost

The restaurant is called Red Eye Smokehouse and they are located near the Lavender MRT and beside the Jalan Besar Stadium.

Red Eye Smokehouse
1 Cavan Road
Singapore 209842

I got the chance to visit this restaurant when I invited a friend of mine who recently celebrated her birthday a couple of days ago.  I owed her a good dinner because the previous ones we have been to sucked.  This one had to save my a$$ or else she might not want to go to dinner with me again.  I, like always, did choose the previous places we went to which means all of the bad experience we had for dinner was on me.

The restaurant is very near the opening of Cavan Road and ambiance is very simple, rugged and yet relaxing.  The staff were very friendly and accommodating especially for first timers like myself and my friend.

Their menu is written on black chalkboard at the back of the counter.  To make our lives easier the staff encouraged us to check their meat which is displayed beside the counter.  This was a big help because we had hesitations on what to order by simply looking at the menu.

My friend and I chose some variety of the meat they offer.  At the time we went there they had:

  • Beef Briskets
  • Chopped Pork
  • Pork Knuckles
  • Pork Ribs
  • Angus Beef Sausage
  • Lamb Sausage

They sold sides such as coleslaw, mashed potato, and beans.

My friend and I settled for the Beef Briskets (which I read was a must have for this place), Chopped Pork, Angus Beef Sausage and Lamb Sausage.  For our side we ordered two mashed potato (had to not share because I was having a cold).  For our drinks we ordered two glasses of their draft beer.

Our meal from Red Eye Smokehouse - Photo by ah_hulk (IG)

Our meal from Red Eye Smokehouse – Photo by ah_hulk (IG)

The beer was nothing special.  Actually it tasted different and left an aftertaste as per my friend.  Basically you can get other better beers in other places.

They gave us two biscuits.  I was expecting too much for these little things and so it majorly disappointed.  It tasted like air Рas in nothing.

Now we’re getting to the good part of this makeshift review. ¬†The sides! ¬†The mashed potatoes are heavenly and so fluffy. ¬†It alone is enough for a meal. ¬†I recommend the mashed potato from this place anytime.

In terms of the sausages, the Lamb Sausage tasted better but both were good.

The chopped pork tasted awesome also but was not an overwhelming wow from my friend and I.

The beef brisket on the hand was superb and is definitely a must order.  The meat was so tender it breaks off at a touch of your fork or knife without much pressure.  The meat alone is enough, no need for sauces.

If you are the sauce type of a person, the restaurant offers two sauces РChipotle and Sweet & Tangy.  On the outside both sauces look, smell and taste the same.  The difference is what you feel inside your body.  The Chipotle had a spicier feel to eat after consumption.  Again, for me, if you ordered the beef brisket, these sauces are optional.  For the other meats these would greatly improve your experience at the restaurant.

The serving size we got was not big but was adequate for two people.  I believe you can order more because their menu is based on the weight of your order.  The mashed potato filled us up very quickly.  It was wrong to order two of them but because of my cold we had no choice.

Overall our meal cost us S$94 which at first glance for the serving is a bit pricey but all I can say is it was worth it.  You got the great tasting beef brisket with the super mashed potato and you match that with the friendly staff Рyou got a winning formula.

Plus, my friend finally said that the food we had for dinner was amazing.  So thanks Red Eye Smokehouse for making me look good!

Would I go back?  Yes!

Just have to wait for my next craving for BBQ meat. ūüôā

Inspiration and Realization Time

This is a great story for people struggling with weight.  This also made me realize that wanting to lose weight is different from doing something to lose weight.

I need to start being consistent with my weight loss routines specifically my exercises.  So far counting calories has helped me stay at a weight level and not balloon back to my old weigh.  But because I lack the willpower nowadays to do real exercise on a more consistent basis I am not reaching my intended goals.

I need to be more like Jesse.