Fotodiox has Arrived

The FotodioX Adapter for Nikon G Lens to Sony NEX Mount I ordered from B&H has finally arrived a couple of days ago.  I have not really gotten a chance to use it the way I wanted to use it.

I have given it a little test drive of course just to check if the product is working.  The auto functions of the Nikon mount lenses really do disappear.  Everything is gone including aperture setting and auto focus.  You have to manually turn that blue ring to set the aperture and to manually focus the lens.

Here is my AF Nikkor 50mm 1.4D lens attached to the Sony A7 body using the adapter.

Below is a test shot using the lens and adapter with the Sony body.

The focus peaking feature of the camera helps with manual focusing especially since I am not good at doing that.  With the D90, I relied totally on auto focus.

I’ll be embarking on a small project soon so that I can at least try to master my new camera, its kit lens, and the adapter with my old lenses.


“Best” Way to Watermark Your Images

This is a good tip for photographers who are afraid that their images will get “borrowed” without their permission.

I like how it gives you control of the color you can give your watermark instead of just a translucent white shade which you normally get when you setup a preset in Lightroom.  The only thing I don’t like about it is you have to use Photoshop.  Photoshop is normally no longer part of my workflow when post processing images since Lightroom basically has all of the things I need.

I normally only go to Photoshop for those major changes (e.g., making people thinner, removing unwanted objects in pictures, etc.).

It is still something to consider though.  Now the only thing to do is to come up with a good logo. 🙂