Let’s All Press the Reset Button – Now Let It Go

It’s been four months now since I took on my next challenge here in Singapore.  I had to temporarily abandon my plans to continue my life back home because of an urgent thing that came to my life last February.

I will still go for that dream though – to have my own restaurant.  I already have the concept, recipes and menu down but I haven’t yet prepared a business plan.  This is where I am severely weak.  Anything related to business even at work.

One of the main reasons why I hated my last job was the need for my role to know the business side of our application.  That was just not me and so there I went and left the company I worked for almost half a decade.

But that is the past and for people to succeed we must learn to let go and so I must, I will and I have let go.

My next goals in life is to just take it easy.  Not to pressure myself and to just watch life go by.  Learn from what I observe.  Improve myself based on those observations.

In short…CHILLAX…

Singapore is a good place to relax in because of all the convenience it brings.  Yes it is expensive but you have to pay for good service and Singapore does provide good transportation, safety, overall status of living, and a good future for anyone willing to work well in this fast and evolving country.

I have reset my weight loss goal.  I abandoned that aspect of my life for several months because of more pressing matters but I have come to a point already that I told myself the best thing I did while I was jobless was to improve my health.  So here I am committing again to the challenge to lose weight and to reach my target weight.

So wish me luck!