When Can I Go Out and Play?



France…Europe…Will I Ever Get to See You?

Every since I saw the movie “Before Sunrise” I’ve always wanted to fly over to Europe, more specifically Paris, France.  I wanted to take the train and visit several countries in Europe just to see the culture and the different sites.

Sadly, at the time I saw the movie I had no means of buying a ticket to Europe but had a best friend who can always accompany me anywhere we wanted to go.  It’s even worse now!  Now I have the means to buy a ticket to Europe and spend lots of time there but my best friend won’t be able to accompany me now because she is busy with her boyfriend.

Yes…I can always travel by myself but somehow it has never crossed my mind before.  I’ve been thinking about it now though.

I have until December of this year to find a new job here in Singapore and one of my backup plans if I’m unable to find a new job is to just pack my bags and travel around Europe (alone if I have to).  You’ll never know I might find a girl and fall in love just like in the movie and Paris will be the perfect location for that!!! Hehe…

MyFitnessPal | Product Review

In my goal to become fit I have often looked into technology to help me gain an advantage over my on-going battle with obesity.

One way technology has contributed is by providing people like me access to free calorie counter applications both in our mobile devices and in our desktop.

These year I have tried several calorie counting applications to find the best fit for me and as of now the app of choice for me is MyFitnessPal.

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Esplanade Bridge, Singapore – My Happy Place

The Esplanade Bridge is one of my favorite places in Singapore.  It is actually my happy place.  Every time I am near this bridge I make sure I go and check it out.  It’s my happy place because it brings me back to a time when my life was simpler, basically good memories.

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When I started this blog back in June of 2012 I was aiming to become a fitter me.  The main reason why I decided to do this was because of a gout attack I suffered in April 2013.  For those who haven’t experienced it before – good for you!  For those who have – I feel your pain!

In June 2012 I missed calculated my weight.  I thought I was 220 lbs (99.8kg).  Good thing I quickly saw my error.  I was actually at 247 lbs (112 kg).  To counteract this error I made I decided to push myself even more.  In July 2012 my right knee, which was already damaged because of my Tae Kwon Do days in high school, started to act up and made it almost impossible for me to do any exercises until November 2012.  Then at the last month of the year I decided to give my knee a try and jogged around my block.  I was happy to find out that my knee held up!!!

2013 started with me at 242 lbs (109.8 kg).  I’m happy to report that I am now at 217.2 lbs (98.5 kg).  That means I’ve lost around 24.8 lbs (11.2 kg) since January 2013.

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