Last Day

My last post talks about one more month to go in my current job after I resigned.  Well, last Tuesday my manager told me that they have decided to release me from my notice period early.  So today is my last day at work.  A couple of weeks early.

It’s okay actually and I’m excited to finally get some more free time for myself.  The day I decided to turn in my papers was the day I thought about loving myself first.  All these years I’ve been working my butt off to help other people, specifically my parents.  I know it sounds selfish but there comes a time that I should really lookout for myself more than others.

I will continue to look for a job here in Singapore because I like it here.  It’s peaceful, quiet, safe, efficient, and clean.  All the perks I won’t get if I go home.  Plus, Singapore helped me grow up.  This is my second home and I want to give it another shot before I totally surrender.  I just hope Singapore loves me back. 🙂

Anyway, as a PEP holder I currently have six months to find a new job.  Budget wise I am thinking of trying to stick around until December of this year.  I hope luck is on my side and I find a new job before the “ber” months come.  Preferably a job that will allow me to be me even at a lesser pay.  See I’ve reached a point in my life where money is not my main priority.  Right now it is finding the best fit for myself.  Money will come and it will stay as long as you don’t fool around but life is too precious and time just flies by without you knowing it.

My immediate plans though are me centered – swimming, jogging, photowalks, and cooking.  All activities that I love and make me smile.  I’ll take this opportunity to “rest”.  Be away from the corporate world!!!

For those who have time, try to watch this video of Randy Pausch.  He used to be a professor of Carnegie Mellon University and in that university there is a tradition for professors to conduct a “last lecture.”  It’s a lecture where the professors are asked to think if they were to leave this earth what will be their sort of legacy to be left behind for others to reflect on.  Well, for Randy’s case it was a real last lecture.  At the time of his lecture he was already diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given only months to live.  Check out the video.  It is worth it!  This helped me decide to rethink where I currently am.  His talk is entitled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”.


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