A Month To Go

Nope!  It’s not me reaching my weight loss goal.  That is still a long time away.

It’s me giving up a good paying job to just have more of my own life back.  I’ve been stuck in this limbo for quite some time now and about a month ago I just decided to just turn my back on my job.

I can handle the stress.  What I can’t handle is my heart not being where it should be.  I didn’t like not giving a 100% of my effort to my work.  I didn’t like treating my work as a burden to me living my life.

Just so everybody knows, I resigned without having a new job yet.  I know – to most that’s stupidity.  To me, well it is 50% stupidity and 50% I just had to do it.  Am I happy?  Right now I am.  Will I be forever happy?  I honestly can’t say.

I have until December of this year to find a new job.  If I don’t find one I have no choice but to leave Singapore – the country that has been my home for the past 8 years now this coming August.

For those who have stumbled onto my site just continue to support me with prayers.  I am trying to reclaim my happiness and to me, at this point of my life, is more important than any salary.