How Strong is Your Willpower? Review of Armour39 by a Fat Boy

Under Armour has recently released a new gadget that they say will revolutionise how athletes perform during practice or exercise.  They call it Armour39.  It measures a few metrics but the one that Under Armour is marketing most is their own version of Nike‘s Fuel.  They call it Willpower – it’s how much effort you gave during your exercise.

I do not know the formula or calculation behind them coming up with your Willpower but this gadget makes more sense than Nike Fuelbands which doesn’t really measure things correctly (e.g., the number of calories burned by a bicep curl and lifting a mug of beer are equal).

What I like most about Armour39 is not really just the Willpower measurement coz to be honest I know if I am slacking or not – it’s the combination of the assessment of your fitness prior to using the gadget, the built-in heart rate monitor and the confirmation of what you feel how much effort you are giving in the Willpower.  With the assessment a baseline of your current fitness level is taken and from there you can see how much effort your heart is giving for the exercise you are doing.  The heart rate monitor of Armour39 also gives you a second-per-second breakdown of your heart’s effort – not just the average beats per minute like in most heart rate monitors.  The Willpower in the end makes you feel satisfied by confirming that “Yeah I did work hard today” or make you push yourself harder next time if you don’t reach your target (which could be caused by either you didn’t work that hard or the exercise is too easy already).  It is advised to do the assessment on a monthly basis in order to make sure that Armour39 tracks your performance based on your most recent fitness level.

I have used the gadget so far three times only but I am happy with this purchase.  Yes it is a bit expensive but for me that just fuels me more to maximise it which means more time sweating for my fat ass!!! 🙂

I didn’t bother to purchase the matching watch because when I exercise I always bring my iPhone anyway so I just downloaded the free app and pair the gadget with my phone via bluetooth.  Plus the watch is so damn expensive!!!  Although it does look cool.

What I found out today was I can use the gadget even if the iPhone app is just running in the background which I think means I can use Armour39 along with my favourite running app like RunKeeper.  I’ll do this next time I jog around my block to find out if my hunch is true (although I did read somewhere in the manual that this is possible – I just haven’t tested it to the max).

Below are some pictures of the Armour39 packaging, the actual gadget (forgive me if I don’t show a picture of myself wearing it – trust me it is for your own good hehe), and a screenshot of the iPhone app.  As far as I know, the app is only available for iOS devices (iPhone 4S and above) so those using android phones have to wait or have to purchase the watch to make it work.

Armour39 strap and module

Armour39 strap and module

Armour39 Packaging

Armour39 Packaging

Armour39 iPhone app screenshot

Armour39 iPhone app screenshot


6 thoughts on “How Strong is Your Willpower? Review of Armour39 by a Fat Boy

  1. How are you liking it after a month’s use? I am thinking about getting one but want to make sure the “real users” are liking it after using it for a while.


    • I like it. I’m combining it with other apps like RunKeeper to monitor all my workouts. I think the calorie count in Armour39 might be more accurate than running apps because of the heart rate monitor and workout intensity tracking. It’s not just dependent on your biometrics like height, age and weight.

      I haven’t updated my assessment though so I need to do this soon to make sure the module is still recording accurate data.

      I’m not too into the Willpower concept coz I really don’t get it much. I did some high intensity workouts that only lasted around 10 mins and gave it my all but my Willpower sucked. Then yesterday I jogged for 30 mins and basically did not exert much effort and my Willpower was outstanding. So I believe the duration of the workout, not the intensity, is a bigger factor for the computation of the Willpower.

      • Thank you so much for responding. I bit the bullet and ordered one this morning. I am usually not an early adopter but in this case I want accurate data.

      • You’re welcome! I hope you’ll like the Armour39 also. Just a footnote though…sometimes the Willpower calculation seems to be correct. I did the same 10 minute workout again with less “will” this time and my Willpower sucked even more. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this useful information. This is the item what I’ve been looking for. Now, I just decided to buy that but I can’t order it directly to Singapore. If it’s possible, could you tell me how to get that? – like using vpost and so on..

    • UA sends directly to SG last time I used their site when I got myself one of their skull caps.

      But for the Armour39 I used VPOST coz at the time I was encountering an error with UA’s website when trying to enter an SG address.

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