How Strong is Your Willpower? Review of Armour39 by a Fat Boy

Under Armour has recently released a new gadget that they say will revolutionise how athletes perform during practice or exercise.  They call it Armour39.  It measures a few metrics but the one that Under Armour is marketing most is their own version of Nike‘s Fuel.  They call it Willpower – it’s how much effort you gave during your exercise.

I do not know the formula or calculation behind them coming up with your Willpower but this gadget makes more sense than Nike Fuelbands which doesn’t really measure things correctly (e.g., the number of calories burned by a bicep curl and lifting a mug of beer are equal).

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2XU Compression Run 2013 and My Rebirth

Have you ever seen the potential of all your efforts coming true?  I have.  Last year I started this blog to chronicle my journey.  I, unfortunately, got sidetracked for the last few months of 2012.

That was 2012.  2013 is a totally different story.  When the new year came I was ready to be a new me.  My version 2.0 if you will.  I started working out again.  Started doing some jogging and brisk walking around my neighbourhood.  I started the year at 242 lbs and now I am at 222 lbs.  Not bad in my book.  This year will be different.  I may encounter some walls but I will find a way to break it down or go around it.

Anyway, last Sunday my friends joined the 2XU Compression Run 2013 here in Singapore.  It’s one of the races that will benefit cancer research.  Below are the pictures I took of the race.