Upper Body

Lately I’ve been focusing on running to boost up my cardio.  It’s all good but looking at the way my body is made up which is balky and naturally big frame I thought I should not forget about my muscles (whatever’s left of them – hehehe).

For that I decided to buy and use a resistance tube.  The one I got is from Reebok and I chose their level 3 model.

The reasons why I chose a resistance tube over free weights is well they are cheaper. 🙂

Plus living in Singapore means I may not be staying in one apartment for a long time hence moving around is part of the life here so having heavy weights to bring along would be a huge burden.

Anyway, I looked up some tips on using the resistance tubes and found some in YouTube.  Like the video below from expertvillage.

After each workout on the resistance tubes I love feeling the strain on my arms and shoulders.  Makes me feel that whatever I have done is working.

So far I’m happy with the resistance tube.  It has given me enough tension and resistance to the levels which fit my current physical conditioning.  I should continue to use this more often especially during those days that I cannot run like when it is raining heavily here in Singapore or during days when I have late night telephone conferences with people in New York.


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