Talk with the Boss

Tomorrow I’m going to be talking to the manager who mentioned the job opportunity in London or New York.

I have to admit that the chance to go to a new place intrigued me a lot but before I uproot myself I need to know more first about the role and what is expected of me.

Tomorrow is my last chance to talk to him because starting next week he will be based in London.

I hope he doesn’t forget that we’re going to talk.  He normally does forget things like that because of his schedule. 🙂


And the boss forgot that we’re supposed to talk.  I guess that means I’m taking my talents to…ok wait I’m not taking it anywhere because I’m staying in Singapore.

I really can’t complain that much because Singapore is a great country and this is my second home.  I owe a lot to this country for helping me grow up and to also provide for my parents’ wellbeing.  I hope Singapore still welcomes me even though I’m not a local.


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