London, New York or Singapore

Earlier today my boss informed me that our department head wanted to offer me a position in either London or New York.

The opening is for one of the newer projects and will require me to relocate to either of the cities – whichever I choose.

Don’t get me wrong…the opportunity to decide my future is great.  Not everyone can have that chance.  Either London or New York will be good for my experience and for my career.  The only problems I have with both cities are that they are both very far from home, the Philippines, and I don’t know a lot of people in both cities specially London.

The reasons why I wanted to come to Singapore back in the early 2000’s are because Singapore is a growing first world nation and the proximity of this country to my home is such a major bonus.  Heaven came on Earth when budget airlines started showing up and giving me airplane tickets sometimes for as low as less than S$100.  That meant I can go back home as many times as I want for as cheap as I want.  So ever since 2005 I have lived and made my career here in Singapore – my second home.

Over the years I have also managed to get to know a lot more people and most of them became my real life friends – not just Facebook friends.

If I suddenly pack up my bags and relocate to another country that means I will leave all of the perks of Singapore behind – my friends, my comfort zone, and my proximity to my parents and brothers.  The only problem is if I stay in Singapore and stay in my current company, I might lose my job before the year ends.

This is a decision I must make soon.  Do I risk losing my job if I stay in Singapore or should I go ahead and explore London or New York?


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