My Hobby – Sports Photography

Before I began running this year I’ve been doing something else for the past two or three years now.

I sometimes spend my free times doing photography.  I’m trying to learn it but so far I have been unable to take any classes.  Right now my way of learning it is through self study, reading some books, and viewing YouTube videos of photography how-to’s.

One of my fave forms of photography is sports photography.  Looking at the work of the professionals, you can see real emotions in sports photography.  The cliche “thrill of victory, agony of defeat” is very evident in the pictures.

Sports photography also connects with me because I am a sports fan.  I may not look the part but deep inside I watch just about any sports events out there on TV land.

Here in Singapore I practice my sports photography by going to runs that my friends attend.  My main assignment is to capture my friends finishing their race.  My second assignment is capturing the emotion of the people actually running in the race and those that are at the venue to either support a racer or volunteer to help out in organizing the race.

The last race that I was able to join my friends was the 2XU Compression Run 2012 here in Singapore.  From my collection of shots the two shots below are my favorites.

Here is a shot of a very lovely girl whose cheeks were super red. You can see the focus on her face.  She really wanted to finish this race.

2XU Compression Run 2012-26

This second one shows a different emotion from a cute girl.  Here is more of a happy satisfied feeling.  I like her emotion more because it shows that she’s taking things easier.

2XU Compression Run 2012-31

I’ll make sure to share some more of my photos about runs here in this blog.  Right now nothing is scheduled.  My friends are “semi-retired” in the world of running.  Hehehe…

Here’s a slideshow of the photos I’ve taken from the run.

Most of my other marathon pictures are in Facebook but I keep my Facebook page private.  I’ll do my best to upload more photos of runs into my Flickr site.


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