Road Hog

Tonight I went on my usual Monday jog and my goal was to complete the same 5km route I did last Saturday.  Sadly I wasn’t able to complete the route because of a road hog.

This guy was just starting his jog and he instantly looked at me – I was already pass the midpoint of my jog at the time.  With an “evil eye” he kept on looking at me and every time I try to pass him he would take up the middle of the sidewalk to block my progress.  He then would intentionally slow down and constantly block my way.

After around 10 minutes of this I decided I didn’t want this anymore because it was messing with my jog so I decided to change my route just to get away from him.  The result was a slightly shorter route – around 4.4km, 600m short of my planned distance.

I wonder why people would be such a**holes.  Singapore is big enough for the two of us to share a sidewalk.  I was kinda shocked to see this behavior here in Singapore.

Nonetheless that incident is not gonna stop me.  I’ll rest tomorrow especially since my right knee is acting up.  I injured this knee back in high school during my Taekwondo days.

I just have one thing to say to the road hog here in Pasir Ris…we’ll see each other again. =)


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