“Why are you running?”

I was asked today by an Indian colleague of mine – “Why are you running?”  He saw me running at Pasir Ris Town Park last Sunday.

He said I looked like I was about to die.  Hmmm I’m sure that’s an exaggeration but not that far from the truth.

Anyway, to answer his question my reply is simple.  I am training not for a marathon.  I am training for my life!!!

These past 5 to 7 years I have let go of myself and focused on my job.  I was too busy earning money that I forgot I must be healthy to enjoy it when the time comes.

My training and getting my butt off the chair is to simply reclaim my life.  His reply to me, “I should start too.”

That made my day because I might have just saved a person’s life right there…not just mine.


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