PEP Approval and My First Real Effort to Finish a 5KM

Today I received some good news.  My Personal Employment Pass or PEP got approved.  It’s a type of visa here in Singapore that will allow me some job flexibility.  This is one way for me to get rid of some stress from work.

Rumors are swirling around the office that the team I belong to will experience some budget cuts although I have a strong feeling it will not affect me it is better to be sure than be the loser.

The PEP is valid for a good five years compared to the ordinary Employment Pass (EP) which is valid for a year only (sometimes 2 or 3).  PEP is also not attached to any company which means even if I lose my job I can stay in Singapore and try to explore and take my chances in other companies.

I’m going to use this just to be sure because without my job here in Singapore or at least a chance to work in Singapore I won’t be able to provide money for my parents’ medicine.  They both suffer from cancer although their cancer are at a stage that are still manageable.  Nothing to be worried about…I hope.

Anyway now to the good stuff!  Today I tried really using the Adidas miCoach mobile app in iPhone.  This app has several training plans that you can pick plus you also get a chance to be coached by athletes like Derrick Rose and Reggie Bush.  I chose Derrick Rose because I’m a basketball fan.

I ran for 5km (okay walked also) at Pasir Town Park and Pasir Park.  Today I felt great.  I did not really perform like a star athlete but for me I did myself a great favor by not giving up.  I ran most of the way (honest!).

I’m still trying to find out if I can share the miCoach stats here in this blog so when I do find out I’ll include links in my future posts.

Sadly, in the middle of my run the miCoach lost the GPS signal in one part of Pasir Park.  This is something that I did not experience with Runkeeper when I used that app about two weeks ago when I checked if my toe was okay (from the gout attack).

But Derrick Rose saying “You are halfway there! You can do it!” did work.  It did pump me up to at least go for more than what I would normally give.  I liked that!  I’ll continue on using miCoach over Runkeeper for now especially since miCoach has those training plans that I mentioned earlier.

I chose the “Lose Weight” training plan since that is my first goal in this journey of mine.

Those who are interested in miCoach can go to this link.  You can also download the app from the Apple AppStore.

I registered in the website since it was free anyway and for me to maximize the app I had to do it.  Besides, like I said, it’s free.


5 thoughts on “PEP Approval and My First Real Effort to Finish a 5KM

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  2. Hello congrats on your PEP approval. I just want to ask a few questions from you. I am also applying for PEP. How long did it take before you got the result? And are you currently a Q1, P1 or P2 holder? Appreciate if you could answer these questions thank you

    • I applied through the online system so approval took only 2 weeks. You’ll need a Singpass to access PEP’s online system. According to PEP’s website, if you apply over the counter it will take 5 weeks. I’m a P2 holder.

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